I don’t smoke weed!


I do not need to smoke weed. I am a perfectly imbalanced individual without it thanks.

It took me 12 hrs to recover from my last hangover.

I felt as though I had been hit by a freight train. So it must be so amazing to try and have a stimulating conversation with you….

I honestly, do not think so. I would rather watch paint dry.  Thank you for laughing like a hyena – high pitched shrieks and pretending to comprehend whatever philosophical rant you incoherently babbled about. I have absolutely no idea.

No – just because I am mixed – doesn’t mean I smoke weed or know anyone who sells it. Awkward 101 conversations from people who do smoke weed, or potentially they want to offer you some because they think:

“She will not mind – she looks Jamaican!”

No – sorry, I am a bit quirky and confident. I am reserved in all the right places. The most I do these days will be 9% abv beer. It took me 12 hrs to recover from the experience.

No – I don’t like the idea of ecstasy either. Whirling around telling random people: I love them and they are amazing. No – I am just an average person who pays a complement about your values or your efforts.

Such a shame – you thought I would be a smoker.

Oh well! I do not smoke weed. It doesn’t make me uncool or a fool. It means I value myself a little more – I would rather enjoy a stimulating chat or perhaps be at least interested in something of remarkable value in the world.

I may not be sorry for not stereotyping myself. My endless pursuit to learn; brain cells love interaction and my memory has added weight. Each to their own, but, I wrote this to remind myself that I do love myself. I have really good values and I think I am still hungover from the beer. Wow! I do not smoke weed.

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  1. I thought about this: the stigma is very real, it feels raw. I am not fond of being categorised. I would love people to be boundless of thoughts and see us all as the same. It is possible. We just have to stop creating this barriers of stigma on many people.

    The colour of your skin; the religious beliefs you have – should not be used to advantageous points and this should be written in the law clearly. As I do believe some people are very, very, confused.

    A person actually walks up to a darker individual in the street where I live and says: “have you got any weed!”

    Believe it! This is rude and it is wrong. It should be seen as another Form of bullying – I do think many discriminate for a reason. It is to have power over another individual. So the law should actually make it clear. It doesn’t want to create equality until people stand up.


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