This is such an amazing romantic gesture


I am probably setting myself up for a huge fall, but, this is the most romantic thing I have seen since “pretty woman!”

“Oh dear! Bad joke”…

I am not romantic at all. I used to think the union between two people was so separate. I saw rings in separate boxes and my parents get a divorce. Just never the twins shall meet – lah – dee – dah! Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!

Yes the union between two people, should be:

“Start as you mean to go on!”

It is totally between you two. It seems absolutely ludicrous that a man and woman cannot share things. Even engagement rings and moments. I just feel the bond now means something. I just love it when things are equal and it is okay for a woman to ask a man to marry her. It is okay for a man to wait for a woman to feel the bond and connection or the union. For a woman to feel equal.

I just think LGBTIQ are all for equality as well. If not – start as you mean to go on. I mean look at it closely….


Unbeknownst to the whole unity and how romantic it would be. It would force me to take my relationship seriously and to never take the other person for granted. I will never disassociate married couples in the country I wish to reside in because this is their tradition. I feel I was taught something separate and negative.

“Forlovelsesringer and gifteringer”

Words mean so much ‘engagement ring’ is ‘Forlovelsesringer’. I words mean so much, such a beautiful word for such a beautiful union. I mean, I did not believe it before and now I do. We just take the little things for granted at times. Love is just something people distinguish in the most passive way possible. But this is beautiful. I think I want to hug and kiss the world for showing me love and humanity all at once.

So, I believe in it all. Precious bonds and the unity. I belive in starting as I mean to go on.

How about you?

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