A Blighty Tale: “When the prime minister behaves like school boy prattling about in the playground!”

For all those unaware of the term Blighty: it is the UK. Just helping you out as this is purely anecdotal. 


The prime minister thinks he is so amazing he can make comments about the opposition like he is a school boy prattling about in the playground. 

Feelings of anger towards the prime minister and his foolish rants.

Why is this so important?

Well, it is blatantly obvious David Cameron is just a little bit scared of the prospect of someone else having the role as Prime Minister.

Imagine all the things you would say to a child who has everything:

“There is no need to behave like that…. why not try and get along?”

“Now calm down – you just have to see the other person is different.”

“Do you know what a difference of opinion is?”

“Why could you not wait your turn to speak? Why do you have to talk now?”

“Listen to what the other person has to say first before you speak… surely it will stop you from looking silly.”

Picture yourself telling him these things to reduce conflict or to appease to his better nature.
Hardly feels like a democracy more like a dictatorship. 

Why does it feel like a dictatorship in Blighty?

When you have a prime minister who fixes the votes it feels like a dictatorship.

When jobs paying s decent salary aren’t avaliable.

When people are on barely enough to live on.

When you basically cannot get a job unless you have skills and education costs more than the earth.

When you see people emigrate – being told they are no longer citizens; blah blah blah.

Alot of when’s: displays my total lack of confidence in actually reducing problems.

“I did not  vote for him. Not my problem! Not my fault. Not my issue.” Typical Blighty response.

Has this caused any tension?

They all hate one another, here in Blighty.  There is a divide. There is more racism than there was before. It feels as though your rights have deminished and you are unable to feel empowered or unable to get the help you need to recover from a bad situation.

I know lots of people who couldn’t afford the buy to let scheme they devised. I know lots of people who are unemployed and unable to live who are too proud to be on benefits. They have their families support them or they find a side line job.

Basically the excuse is zero hour contracts create jobs. If this is the case then surely for the services and the work it would sustain the economy even more if you paid your employees so they can have a better quality of life.

You could be sat waiting for ages for a job to come in on flexible working patterns. People need a steady income to pay their debts or for their living.

Had enough of waiting around to be paid more than my bills actually equal. 

How do you think others feel in your situation?

Hopeless, devalued and unappreciated. Disheartened,  discouraged and depressed. Stressed and anxious – I suppose. Oh and discriminated against.

How would you help them?

I don’t know – I tried but there is no need. I am stretched and I can only help myself out of a rut. It’s every man for himself as we have 130 people apply for the same job. It really is cutthroat.

Do do think he is embarrassing?

Yes, the last rock I crawled under…. hid from me because I threatened to throw it at him. Amazing it shows how regressive people have become towards one another and intolerant of other countries. Such an amazing time we are having right now – I dread to think if we are on the verge of WWIII.

Mental health issues have increased and the NHS cannot meet the demands because of the funding to the NHS.  It really is a shambles.

A lot of people call him “Cameron the Cockwombler.”

It is so embarrassing.

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