A note to the brave man: “A Broken Woman”


“I’ve learned that a woman with a broken past needs to be treated with patience.
She needs time to breathe, to heal, to discover herself.

A mistreated woman will reject love countless times before she gives in, because she has lost sense of what it is like to be treated right.

But the beautiful thing about a broken woman is the wisdom the past has given them and the capacity of love they have to offer is endless. ”

– iambryliant

Being able to take a woman on who has been hurt. Please do not think it is easy.

Please do not think she will give in just because you have something amazing to offer. 

A broken woman is looking for happiness and hope. Someone to bring her out of her shell – her temperament will change.

Happiness isn’t an easy thing to make. It takes flowers and patience. It takes romance and walks. It takes deep and meaningful discussions. It takes more than just your charm and witt to make a woman fall for you. When they do – try not to take their willingness to change for granted.

Life is too short for drama and wishing what could have been. Face the future and help them forget about the past. It is for the best. It is healthier for a woman to forget it. If you too are hurt – then why not try a little harder for your future and development?

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