Note to self: Stop Setting yourself on fire for people who will just sit there and watch you burn.


“Stop setting yourself on fire for people who will just sit there and watch you burn. ”

I could be bitter right now and I could say…. alright you have another piece of me. I won’t!

Giving people the satisfaction to watch you suffer has definate become people’s high level of service or even response these days. Just don’t play into their hands.

Do not let the ones who are intent on ruining your life have the satisfaction. I wanted to know:  what on earth is a social predator? It is important because some people are not worth saving. Some people, you need to avoid others you have to embrace.

It may be out of your hands and ruin your day. Try and turn things to a positive rather than a negative! I felt when I wrote Project Positive: Turning the negative news feed on facebook to a positive on  it was to inform others of making those bold steps by turning the actual news off and focus on the people. Go to the top news feed preferences and then click on pages to unfollow. Too many people would like to see the world burn.

Just turn it around and think:

I have had enough of your bulbhut. I am going to get on with my life.

I know a lot of people would say embrace God. God is an entity – you have to do the rest of the work by yourself. The way you interact with people is all up to you. Just don’t go around thinking you cannot be heard and understood. You can by Helping those who are not socially interacting you can help yourself.

You are the key – not anyone else. Don’t just strike the match because people want to see you burn with their:

Jealousy, deciet, revenge, bitterness and rage.

Turn it around for yourself.

I am saying this for my own personal wellbeing because at times – I would like to see people burn for a change.

What was your uphill struggle?

Lost a few good people in my life – my uncles and my dad. My mom was just one of those negative people who would just never have a comforting action. She would get drunk all the time and wash it all away; end up with her head down the toilet. I mean, she is not even grateful that my aunt helps her…. she always prays – it’s like – come on!!! Be grateful, be glad, be at least fortunate that your life hasn’t taken a turn for the absolute worse and your dead.

But I just think she was too busy wanting to watch things burn. Well now I just want to walk away. Just be happier. If you cannot be happy with yourself – then people will surround you with matches and wait for the moment. Be glad for something.

I am glad I have the choice to walk away.

I am glad that I have a future

I am glad I have my independence.

I am glad I have my way of learning a new language

I am glad I have made my choices and decisions about everything

I won’t give others the satisfaction to let me suck the life out of myself.

I can move, I can find new ways of coping. I can be free of the pain.

Now when I look into the future and I think about bills and challenges ahead at least I will not be thinking – I cannot do it, I feel too sad.

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