Project Positive: Turning The Negative News Feed On Facebook To A Positive One!


I am always the person who loves interdependence. However, I wanted to reduce my anxiety to help me study or learn environmental or communicational aspects to living in another country.

I was fed up of facebook being this continuous barge of bad news. My news feed needed cleansing and my politically active friends needed to go.

“No more negativity!

F*** it right in the neck!”

I just love to shout that because I was worried. I feel I took on too much and it was not necessary for me to get involved.

I was up to my eyeballs with debt: student loan, electric bills, child care e.t.c.

I kept looking for a job paying more. I needed to get out of my financial situation. So, I thought politics would be a logical route. No! Wrong!!!!

Taking on people’s problems before I can help myself is not selfish…..
That’s “self – preservation!”

Had enough of the negativity and I had enough of the discrimination!!!!

“Right in the neck!”

I learned that phrase right here reading word press. It was about the mountain in Alaska Denali being called something else. My goodness! Just get it “right in the neck!”

The best thing I did for myself was to think – move. Maybe things will change and you can complete your studies. Less stress in your circumstances than having to worry about things that were out of your control.

I cleared facebook by unfollowing:

◇ The news,

◇ Anything afflicted with news,

◇ Anything to do with hair makeup and beauty (I cannot afford it – why stress myself!)

◇ Anything reminding me of fashion… (I cannot afford it – why stress myself!)

◇ Only have a handful of charities

◇ Get rid of groups e.t.c

This took me a whole month to do. I mean at this point I was an emotional wreck looking at my phone crying my eyes out as a reaction to anxiety.

No one in my life is going to be negative towards my journey or in no way Shape  or form to be negative or wish me harm or say the following:

~”She will never make it”……

~ “That road is the hard route”….

~ “She cannot handle it”…

~ “She will not cope without talking”….

~ “She hasn’t got the skills”…..

~ “She isn’t going to cope without family”….

~ “How will she find a way to live?”

~”What is she wearing?”

~ “She has put a lot of weight on!”

~ “She won’t get a job in this because she is too much like”…..

~ “She did this …. and now I don’t like her”…

~ “She did that…. and now we are not talking”…

~ “I don’t like her now she is” ….

~ “Why did she talk to me like dirt/why is she always posting this or that”…..

~ “Do it this way” …

~ “Why is she helping people?”

~ “Why doesn’t she stop studying?”

~ “Why does she need to…. she is noy going to cope”..

~”Don’t take this on”….

~”What will that achieve?”

~ Look I heard this for years. Now it has caused me to turn around and say;

“Cut the negativity out!”

My life is about to take on a new set of challenges but I need to face this with positivity.

☆ Good bye negative people on facebook

☆ Goodbye news on facebook

☆ Goodbye gossip columns on facebook

☆ Goodbye polticial pages on facebook.

☆ Goodbye debate pages or groups on facebook

☆ Hello postive pages on my news feed

☆ Hello bright chirpy people with wedding photos that are funny.

☆ Hello people who are always happy when I call.

☆ Hello people who are going through their life journey and need help and support also.

■■■■■Positive positive positive…..

I want nothing but A* for my first year. I have had Insomnia, anxiety, depression, respiratory problems.

So -any one who was helpful or who helped talk to me has a photo taken with me. It gets a #helpedmeout and an explication. You may want to do this for your friends also.

I live in a stressful country so it may be a little time before everyone else catches on but #helpedmeout – being a study buddy/conversations/told me where the nearest places to be….
You name it… you are then on #helpedmeout.

Now my friends only want to know I am safe and well. If you wished your friends well you would do the same for them also.  You would reduce their stress and anxiety and help them to know there is humanity out there.

Do it for yourselves. F’ it right in the neck!!! Really I was feeling sick in myself.

Goodness me love your lives and take control xxxxxxxxx

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