When your friend has matured into a beautiful flower.


I am so proud of my friend. We had a chat about grades and what direction she is heading in. She finally noticed her grades were bad when times were tough.

It is the part of maturing; seeing when your life was turned upside down through pressure; actually noticing you can achieve.  It is good having friends who notice the struggles. It is greater when your friends notice your struggles.

I believe, my friends who have struggled through their processes and are able to reflect in such a manner and openly discuss such things are able to maintain their lives.

It is not healthy when people do not recognise putting more pressure on people isn’t necessary. It is not good when people do not have the belief in you to achieve a better quality of life because all they think about is the negative side.

Learning is something amazing – it isn’t a gift. We all have the ability to learn a new way. It is just a challenge at times. Recognising those challenges means not being able to make the same mistakes again – it is apart of learning.

When you come across changes in your life and you look back on how far you have come. What you have done.

Give yourself a pat on the back. I did. Now I want to do it again but differently. I believe changing my environment just like my friend has is important to growth.

Well done to her and I hope she keeps going. I am going to keep going 😀

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