“A message to the intoxicated one.”


Is it not Weird and Wonderful you message or call me when you are drunk. You chummy man friend who only asks me for advice…
Messaging me between 11pm and 3am; knowing I am up studying or reading.

I do not think I am your type full stop. I just sit here studying and I love my life goal pursuits. I like helping people – so I must admit I accept the calls or the messages. I am here trying to make sense of the world; I do always ask:

“Are you drunk?”

They say “no”.

So why message the late message?

Am I really that scary, you cannot message me when you are sober?

I mean I like to be Wooed but only when you are sober.

I like to be told that I am pretty and sweet. Only when you are sober.

I like to have deep conversations with you. Only when you are sober.

I like to make plans with you only when you are sober.

Are your emotions for me either too deep for you to control or something that you need to message me drunk?

I know you are not cruel but it is not good you torturing me or yourself over something when you know you should message me when you are sober.

You should be able to tell someone how you feel when you are drunk, surely?

Obviously some woman has rejected you and I cannot help. I am not your type when you are drunk, because you do not say it when you are sober. I am just helping. I am a helpful person. Once again I am so happy you decided to pick me to rant to. I am not offended at all, i just wished you could say what you think when you are sober. I am okay with it… I just don’t wish to toy with your affections. But you try to toy with mine when you are drunk.

I have no idea! How you really feel… it is the drunk you, I speak to. When the sober you realises you do not like me then where am I: back to square one.

Lonely individuals bantering or helping one another overcome rejection.

I don’t know I am just putting it out there because I am afraid to ask you. I am afraid you only talk to me for advice at 3am because some girl has rejected you. Note to self:

“Realistically these men cannot message their mom so they message me at 11pm or 3pm.”

This is what used to happen. Now – I get a message at 11 pm. It is all about traveling to somewhere. I am sorry but I was being polite. I do not think you would follow it through.   Note to self:

“You can never make plans with a drunken man because they forget. They want to forget you because of the fact, they too are feeling rejected; they only wanted help and advice; they really do not feel that way – unless they are willing to talk to you sober. “

I am the woman you just talk to occasionally. I am the woman who you call up when something has gone wrong somewhere and your mom isn’t around to talk to. Note to self:

“Notice how you made the connection between their mother and yourself. You are the one who is feeling emotionally attached. You are the one who feels some kind of connection. They are men – they have no idea how you feel. Especially when you are frightened of being rejected yourself.”

Of course I am lonely… who isn’t in this world? But tell me when you are sober because you should be able to communicate without those things.

I get nervous when I really like someone. I am unable to tell them how I really feel also. However, messaging me when you are drunk is confusing. Why not try a different approach? Because I am too nervous to be around a man because I have been hurt.

No, I don’t think you understand – I am wanting to help you understand… I will only from now on accept messages from drunken men I truly love. As I want to help them love themselves so I can love them also and speak to them whilst they are sober. I will not message my male friends between 11pm – 3am because I understand they think I am drunk. So I will not be messaging men I do not like at that time.

Meeting me is just way at the bottom of your list because you find out that I am just delightfully toying with your drunkeness. It isn’t fair when you message me when you are drunk and we toy with one another’s affections – quite frankly you know I would prefer it if you made plans with me or at least confronted your fears and spoke to me.

It is yourselves whom let you down. Not I. I can follow things through because I am the sober one. I only like it when you are sober.

I only like to talk about things in a jolly lighthearted way because you toy with my affections and you take my advice.  I always think twice when you are drunk. With hesitant, polite gestures; I have been hurt before and now I am not sure if I would like to be toyed with again.
Note to self:

“I think if I am willing to make plans when you are sober – take the hint – I like you.”

You will never understand how awkward it feels to be the sober one talking to you. You think I will be there all the time; I won’t  because you messaged me when you were drunk; you were too ashamed to tell me how you really feel. Now we are back to square one. Note to self:

“If they really are that meaningful they would message you sober and make plans. They would be considerate of the fact you are studying trying to make a better life for yourself. They would try to maintain a better relationship and communicate in an effective way to make things work.”

I saw something really beautiful and something so free; you will not find it at the bottom of a bottle. I study so hard because I want my dreams to come true. Note to self:

“If I really care about you – I would make plans with you and help you to understand I care. For why else would you message me for advice or even to have your spirits lifted.”

I see happiness and I long for it. So should you if you only message me when you are drunk:
You should be happy also,
Be happy and do not be sad,
Let go of the bottle and be glad

No one asked you to message me at that time. Be bold and amazing.

I really do not wish to be messaged between 11pm – 3am unless you really like me a lot and are willing to declare it.  So, kindly do not do it again.

Make sober plans together and stick to them. You never know – it could be amazing.

Thank you.

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