A Blighty Tale: “Escape from the Rat Race!”

Weird And Wonderful would love to point out how awesome the world used to be. We never had to scramble and scrap at each other for a pursuit of a better life. We really did not need to pay exhaubident amounts of money on education to become plumbers/electricians/ bricklayers/ nurses/ even social care workers.

I really have had this epithany that everything is point blank discriminatory. I mean it is a “rat race”…. I literally have to say how disappointed I am in the prospects of jobs. Look at this amazing list for my area:


Literally, if you do not have a degree in Engineering – you wouldn’t be fit for purpose here. Rent is astronomical in my area as they include my Blighty Town as an en – route to Blighty’s Capital. So, the commute is 1hr and 30 mins. Except, it isn’t good enough. You need to be a qualified person to pursue any kind of safe satisfactory level of living. As food increases and supposidly wages have increased.

Notice how in the picture the cleaners are still at minimum wage which is £6.50 an hour. You Base that level of job which I must admit has no expertise whatsoever and you compare it to the level of pay for other’s: can of napalm any one?


Literally you would have to be an absolute swine to not understand people are unemployed and struggling. As I read that the unemployment figures have rose to 77% in rural Blighty.

“Oh the shambles of it all! Let’s all just call this a display of pompous rhetoric!”

Why do I say pompous rhetoric?

I am trying not to swear here but many of our parents had free education and then had the cheek and the audacity to make it harder for their own children. Why?

Because of the famous Blighty expression:

“Not my problem! It won’t happen to me – I am at this stage of my life – why should I give a toss about everyone else.”

Well, no wonder people are desiring to leave the “rat race” of Exploitation. Because it isn’t anyone else’s problem to sustain jobs and create a level of job satisfaction for those who spend in the economy.

This is what is known as “pompous rhetoric“:

“You work hard… you play hard!”

“Oh but he does everything and she does nothing.”

Meanwhile, the leisure industry is crushing at the lack of jobs being supplied by the “pompous rhetoric“….
Women are having to be stay at home mothers because childcare is astronomical.

Why do you feel this is dysfunctional?

Look I am not a rocket scientist – I was in pursuit of a goal. I was ready to be paid and start a career. The profession I was pursuing was to ensure I had not only job satisfaction but I was trying to help others along the way.

Little did I know, so many in the area would love to see the NHS crumble and at a heartbeat blame immigration as the problem for not providing people with the means of jobs and stability to their lives so they can function; pay their way in life or even be able to buy food.

Did you get angry?

You bet! I cried.(I keep using “literally” to emphasise how angry I am! I think I am pretty angry.) Because this situation we are in is breaking families up. We are in a great depression; actually make it: :” the of all mother of depressions”. 

Literally, it would be WWIII on the doorstep if we make this world go through any more rubbish. This “pompous rhetoric” is the reason why history always repeats itself because some idiot in Blighty says:

“Well! They haven’t got a job – they need to find one then!”

Round of applause…. clever clogs! Notice how those jobs are skilled on that list. The decent paying ones anyway.

“Well! Why don’t they just take the cleaning job for now?”

No, because what about people’s quality of life and maintaining a respectable way to live?

“I would settle for anything because my husband looks after me!”

At no point does that mean you are in an equal relationship. At no point does that display your level of respect and self- worth you want to lay on the table: unless your husband is super rich.

Why do you think people settle for this treatment?

I am not a feminist. I just think that we need to have a balance of work and family life. Take those jobs for instance paying £26.00 an hour; If you have kids when will you see them after doing 50 hrs a week?
How much time will you be dedicating to your wife and kids? How much of a better upbringing are you maintaining on a cleaning job? Are you able to not be reliant on others?

So how many expats have left Blighty?

Oh – I feel the newspapers are having you on because I read The Royal Statistics Society, (2014) and I feel seriously, they need to keep up to date with these figures because no one with a certain level of education wants to live in Blighty anymore:


Cor Blimey! look at the amount of Australian’s are British expats! They must sell Heinz, Cadbury dairy milk, marmalade, lemonade, Yorkshire teabags and have fairy washing up liquid!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

I have a lovely friend who moved to New Zealand. Oh she and her husband have 3 kids and a lovely house with a pool. I think Kiwi’s say:

                     “Fair Dinkum!”

The amazing “rat race” – pursuit for happiness continues; why did they choose their destination?


The picture speaks for itself. You would have to be a very not so bright person to not understand the cost of living is based on your wages.

If the wages are high – you can afford a nicer lifestyle and you wouldn’t want to leave the Aussie life. You would travel and still go back home, to your wife and kids; nice home – all the trimmings in your ‘crimbo dinner!’

Meanwhile, back in Blighty… the person who is on minimum wage wouldn’t even be able to afford a turkey for Christmas.  Sheer stupidity!

Who do you admire the most in Blighty right now?

This is anonymous so, I am just going to mention my friend is now self – employed; she is a remarkably positive woman. She sells environmentally friendly products and I am so proud to know her because she wanted to get out of the “rat race“. Her husband is still working so they can travel to see New Zealand. I guarantee when they see it – they won’t be back in Blighty. They are an amazing team. They deserve happiness and I know they tried hard and my friend was very ill for a long period of time. I feel she is a remarkable human being; who despite all odds wants to make a difference and has been innovative instead of being such a drip thinking:

” I will settle for this – even though it is making me ill or worse off!”

I do admire her. She will know it now. This is the main thing. Despite all the chaos of the unemployment and despite my whinging I have found a purpose and a goal. So has she! Hats off too her.

So why has the “pompous rhetoric” become so cut throat people want to leave?

If the last 5 years were not bad enough people just decided – we won’t be bothered about others and we will vote the nasty government of 5 years back in.

What does this mean?

More red tape and more joblessness in areas like healthcare or even administration. People need healthcare and they need jobs. These are people’s basic needs for living – take those away and you have a rat race on your hands as 136 people apply for one job.

Why do you feel the need to escape?

My self- worth, self – respect, my love for humanity, my love for the good in people. I just do not see it anymore – it has become so cutthroat no one has any respect for anyone. It really is a Blighty barnacle of a situation.

Why do you feel you had to let it out?

Because I thought people didn’t notice – I mentioned it because I felt scared. I felt like I would not be able to make changes where it needed to be made. It needs to be done collectively. People need to say goodbye to the government and put some fresh eyes on the matter.

Why does taking on a new language seem so terrifying?

I am not able to have a conversation with anyone at the moment from the country I want to reside in so, I am about to befriend the heck out of people. I have never done this before and I hope I can do it.

What would you recommend others do?

Change things or leave! That’s your choice. Empower others and try to get them to be proactive to make changes occur.

Why would you be worried about others?

Unemployment means people really are feeling low in themselves and generally of low mood. Now is the time to be proactive and make changes happen. Like my friend did with her new business.  Don’t just sit around – it will make you more depressed.

I know you have been discriminated against – but fight it if you like. You aren’t alone. Make change happen politically or find a new way of making money. If it is criminal acts – don’t do it – study instead. Fight with your minds.

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