A Blighty Tale: “Fascination for indecent Exposure!”





'Flashing Green Man' - oh Blighty has a quaint sense of humor
‘Flashing Green Man’ – oh Blighty has a quaint sense of humor

*****Warning****** contains topless imagery**********

Weird And Wonderful would love to know why Blighty is full of these people who love to exhibit themselves. Oh yes! The history of Streakers and Flashers. If only I could picture the looks on your faces as you read this. I know I tried to do this in the best Form possible so not to lead to scrutiny or to be chastised by many in the plight for understanding.

This is probably why I am weird. During my childhood there were sporting giants and Streakers.  The urban legend of the flasher in a trench coat or a rain mac. These moments in Blighty history have taken a new turn.  Yes – phones are more mobile. You receive a Bluetooth picture. EEEK!


Let’s begin with some funny streaking moments. Imagine watching Wimbledon  Blighty’s favourite summer sport.  The balls are flying everywhere….. all of a sudden….There is a streaker. Just picture it.

Oh sorry you can’t! Let me help you.


The lawn has never seen so much flesh!
The lawn has never seen so much flesh!


Just hear me out for a second here. I will become serious. I just cannot fathom why anyone would want their three penny bits hanging out on a tennis court. Do you also think this is strange?


“Maybe I am unsure of my nakedness. Maybe I lack confidence to be naked?”


Okay let us begin with the Blighty ways to say naked:

“Nudist, Naturist, in the Buff, Mooning, With your three penny bits out; nudie, bare, bare assed; in your birthday suit or fleshy; flashed; streaker; flamingo, or orange; full frontal or side boob.”

You would think there is an obsession if Blighty has those words in their vocabulary just to describe being naked. So varied so vast: makes me feel so immature – however, I do feel myself blush because of the variety.

The most amazing fact about Blighty, it is home to 43 nudist beaches. Where is this going? Okay… if there are 43 nudist beaches why streak? Why do people feel the need to get naked?

Okay, this is just it – Blighty is bare faced.

There is a sinister side to being naked. The truth is it is a social norm. We like to be centre of attention and become exhibitionists as I describe in what is intimacy these days? And  5 silly moments list. I am not a prude… I just think we have limits.

How do you feel about your body?


It’s weird and wonderful. I am not going to look like Kate Moss, or Noiami Campbell. Let’s face the facts. But when it comes down to me being naked – I do not wish to be compared to them either. Just putting it out there – so people know where I stand about my naked self.  Appreciate myself and others will appreciate me. I like having big boulders on my chest…. they are great!

I had a few problems with ingrowing hairs in places. Look – no one can describe how embarrassing in growing hairs are. You just become so withdrawn because of the challenges of not being perfect. I mean seriously I just saw the ingrowing hair and felt astounded at what my body can do – also – I felt whenever I am stressed my hair would grow in places where I personally did not want it.

In some countries increased hair growth is seen as some sign or omen for money. I am in Blighty  – you spend money on razors…. that’s probably where I am going wrong!


Back to streaking. I feel at this point really exposed.


Blighty likes to sensationalise streaking. So they interviewed a streaker on this morning – please watch because the entertainment value will increase by tenfold as I am describing embarrassing moments and being naked.





Laugh a minute moments in Blighty, even I am entertained by the ideology of not giving a care in the world about my own body and my body functions. I would hate to be the presenters because I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. Blighty Blunders – they take up so much programming on TV it seems long winded!


So why would this be a really good time for Blighty to stop?


Blighty is full of these strange people who like to expose themselves in public. Streaking is also known as Exhitionism in psychology – there many ways in which it can harm the person and others as well. For example: 

 I went to a single sex school.  I remember hearing about a man sitting at the back of the bus who had a coat on and revealed himself to the school girls. I also remember hearing the girls were stood waiting for a bus and a man exposed his jewels to them. I am not saying it probably never happened – I am just implying I was not there.

So it is a sexual offence walking up to girls in this manner?

Yes… in Blighty you shouldn’t show your labia or pens to people. It is by law sexual offence.  These people do it in front of children without a care in the world or any consciousness, to whether a child would be distressed about their adult parts. Streakers sort of do things for a dare but flashers have a different motive. As I will show you the recorded level of  Sexual offences statistics  in Blighty (2013-14):

“The numbers of sexual offences (64,205) in 2013/14 was the highest recorded by the police since 2002/03. As well as improvements in recording, this is thought to reflect a greater willingness of victims to come forward to report such crimes.”

Well done to those who came forward and announced their concerns. You should be proud of coming forward to prevent the same occuring situation.


So why would it be considered a sexual offence?

I feel although we have public spaces, people do not realise – there needs to be the choices put into place to prevent people from not exposing themselves to others who do not wish it. I feel a majority of society see children not having the choice or actually not being able to decide whether or not they are comfortable being sexual. I feel even though people in Blighty are accepting of others wanting to be exibitionists a majority over rule and say no.

According to Exposing Phallacy, Kate Gould, (2012):

“Flashing is an abuse of power. It is not simply a psychological condition which strips exhibitionists from a sense of ‘decency’, but a consequence of a highly arbitrated and engendered set of social norms.

While there is data of women flashers, the numbers are widely surpassed by the male demographic. What is more, according to Gould, the modus operandi of each group is dramatically different. Women tend to expose themselves in situations of physical distance, or when there is possibility of escaping the area swiftly after the ‘incident’. Men usually have a confrontational approach, addressing their victims in unapologetic and, well, full frontal manner. The book is a small analysis of the socio-cultural factors at play. Mostly Male Flashers profit from the culture of fear prevalent in our society. Women are recurrently reminded not only of the seemingly universal peril of, but also of the stigma attached to being raped.” 

Yes, you may think it is all fun and games being full frontal nude. It is okay… a different manner when you slyly expose yourself.

You can tell some people just have a very devious sexual perverse nature of hiding what they are doing.  However, never before have I seen a story where a poor young girl of 15 was exposed to a man’s penis whilst she walked across the road and he was a passenger. I mean – are their techniques becoming a bit more – you know sexual predatory. She could have been kidnapped or anything. Good job her dad was there.

It must have been a terrifying ordeal!
It must have been a terrifying ordeal!



Are sexual offences common in Blighty?

Sometimes I wonder if people really are worried about the next level of the addiction of exposure. If some men are so  cocky to display themselves then surely – we can see the dangerous side. How it really is seen as intimidation and not funny for young girls.

Well, not that I am objectifying the situation but – I actually feel comfortable in my own self to say – men do intimate women a lot in Blighty. However, there are two more terrifying facts from Top 5 countries for Highest Child Abuse Rates – ibtimes, (2014):

“A quarter of a million Blighty’s – more than one in every 200 adults – are paedophiles, according to figures released by Scotland Yard, the Telegraph reported in 2000.

In the Blighty, one in 20 children (4.8%) have experienced contact sexual abuse and over 90% of children who experienced sexual abuse, were abused by someone they know, NSPCC said.” 

Lovely – so children are really vulnerable. It is okay for adults because they have grown up adult parts but a child is a child. I do not understand the crazy warped logic to let 8 yr old girls purchase thongs from a supermarket. Over sexualising things so young girls are okay with being promiscuous. I think Blighty really has become too capitalised – being naked has it’s limits but Exploitation is beyond doubt the most unpleasant situation for young people to be in.


I cannot imagine why child Exploitation is not on the top of the bill for the EU elections or a desire for people to want to improve their lives in Blighty. I mean – not everyone is into improving most people in Blighty have been exploited that much they really cannot imagine anything else. They seem powerless.

So a little nudity because u am not a feminist but I know Prince George is on the same page as boobs. It becomes the social norm. A bit of a hazard really as this is meant to be a sexual pose the model is doing. So the connotations behind the over sexualisation of Blighty was stopped. As page 3 is no longer.
So a little nudity because u am not a feminist but I know Prince George is on the same page as boobs. It becomes the social norm. A bit of a hazard really as this is meant to be a sexual pose the model is doing. So the connotations behind the over sexualisation of Blighty was stopped. As page 3 is no longer.


Take for instance page 3… no one else in the world has page 3. Blighty – had 20 plus years of a topless woman branded in a tabloid (newspaper) “The Sun”. This is what I mean, the exposure is embedded – therefore – sexual exploitation is also apparent and predominant. You have to feel sorry for Prince George, he may feel hungry and uses breasts as a food source. This is not why page 3 existed.

Blighty has made it socially acceptable for those of a certain class to be overly sexual. All for the selling of newspapers. I feel for some men – I am not a fantastic feminist; I just think most Blighty men have been overly exposed and unable to know how to react or behave at times; there is so much as “too much of a good thing”. So maybe they do not know what to do with themselves.

I am trying to see it from all angles as I see both men and women are sexually exploited in Blighty. I feel maybe we are reaching the presipist or we have platoud to our overly indecent exposure.


Why is nakedness funny?

I just want to remind you as an adult being naked is still funny.  Have you ever experienced naked moments and thought – if I did this in public I would look ridiculous?

If not then you are living in a country that accepts nakedness and you have nothing to fear.  For those who think we look ridiculous in public – take it to a nude beach because you can laugh with many who tried being naked in public for the first time and accept it.

How does Blighty improve the situation?

Everyone lives in a bubble of religion and hate in Blighty as  Abnormal Psychology – Jafar Mahmud  etiology of psychosexual dysfunctions where by he states the connection between “guilt” and “sin”; ignorance and bad advice; Morals and Religious Restrictions. These a few of the dysfunctions in society which probably create this wave of over exposure or over sexualisation.

Blighty and it’s sexual history

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria


Good ol’ Queen Victoria and her pompous notions of grandeur, meant people rebelled in the 60’s against prudence. Trying to underpin exactly what made the whole of Blighty change its course:

“Eminent Victorians (1918) Strachey sought to liberate his generation from the perceived reticence and ignorance, especially in sexual matters, of their pre-Freudian fathers and grandfathers.

In 1966 Steven Marcus elaborated on such views in his long and influential The Other Victorians: A Study of Sexuality and Pornography in Mid-Nineteenth-Century England, which presented the Victorians as sexual hypocrites, maintaining a veneer of respectable society over an underbelly of prostitution and pornography. Michel Foucault mounted an important challenge to this approach in The History of Sexuality (1976). As we have briefly seen, Foucault argued that, far from silencing sex as a taboo subject, the Victorians inaugurated many of the discourses – legal, medical and sexological (the scientific study of sex) – that allowed sex to become a legitimate subject for investigation and discussion.” 

As we uncover the unacceptance for sexual desiresVictorian sexuality – Dr Holly Furneax also uncovers that Queen Victoria mourned the loss of her husband – therefore she became repressed and the whole of Blighty followed.

Queen Victoria had 9 children. She was busy procreating but could not talk about sex.
Queen Victoria had 9 children. She was busy procreating but could not talk about sex.

The Bare Naked Truth – when the sexual revolution happened people wanted to uncover things about why Blighty was dancing around sexuality. So through this – I feel the damage has been done. People just rebelled or feel the need now.

Of course people will rebel if a Queen is upset about the loss of her husband. Prostitution and pornography still happened even though the Victorians tried to deny it.
Of course people will rebel if a Queen is upset about the loss of her husband. Prostitution and pornography still happened even though the Victorians tried to deny it.

I do not know what to say… I just know two wrongs do not make a right so Blighty. You have made some really bad decisions and affected so many people. Why deny sex when Queen Victoria had 9 children? How warped is that?

I can tell you think it is bonkers, when the sexual revolution happened people just threw caution to the wind and just exploded. Pornography exploded and obviously – Page 3 became a concept.

Let’s just accept we have had Exploitation and try to improve the situation and circumstances to prevent matters. Child safeguarding and then move up to Exploitation law’s.



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