Poem to beat anxiety -“Balls of Steel!”


I know how you feel,
You want to cry and your heart thumps,
Your head turns to razor pins,
Your breathing becomes eratic,
You don’t feel ecstatic,
At every moment your heat jumps,
Your memory begins to fade,
Your voice begins to waver at every quaver,
Your eyes flight past something on the spot,
Your hands get sweaty,
Your body feels like spagetti,
Pacing up and down you begin to frown,

“Pick yourself up from the ground!
Come on! Don’t do this now!”
Inside says the voice,
But then it feels like you have no choice,
So you are back to square one,

“Don’t give up now, you are nearly there!”
You don’t feel safe anywhere,
You hear a noise and you act shell shocked,
It’s okay because you act mean,
Pretend it is not happening,
It all comes back to you and then you are mocked….

“Get to it… come on!”
Slowly but surely you begin to look around,
Nothing will ever be safe and sound,
Unless you find the courage and the confidence,
Just think of the voice inside  encouraging you;

It knows how you feel,
The voice is the balls of Steel!

How Weird and Wonderful is our mind?

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