Top 5 Quality Movie Boyfriend Characters to help with dating.

Weird And Wonderful would love to know about fantasy boyfriends and if there is a formula.
Trust me this has taken me 3 years to resolve in my mind – forget the tips on Here is how to find a top notch quality boyfriend, without losing your classy style; taking someone’s dignity and self – esteem away.

I feel my movie character crushes would say a lot about my own character.  By discovering what I am actually looking for. I could use the movie boyfriend and tick list in my mind the good qualities of a real life boyfriend or for instance, guys who should remain my friends because they haven’t got the longevity.  Before you ask…. no I do not think Ryan Gosling is apart of this list.

I am sorry but Noah Calhoun brings back too much emotions for my heart to go through the process of fantasising about his character. He had longevity through the most difficult period of life anyone could imagine. (Stop I may cry.)

Why is this so important?

According to How to pick a better boyfriend or girlfriend – Jeremy Nicholson (2011) we all “test” or “screen” to see if someone “qualifies” for a date. We look at the personality trait, intelligence and finally personality quirks. However, this doesn’t mean you will have a long lasting relationship. During dating people are looking for longevity, self control and conscientiousness Nicholson, (2011) States:

“Across 3 studies, researchers found that partners’ self-control ability was an important factor in staying faithful to a lover (Pronk, Karremans, & Wigboldus, 2011). Apparently, those with better ability to control themselves can resist temptation—even the temptation to stray when someone cute is flirting with them”

Self – control is a must for any man or woman.  The 5 movie characters I have chosen definitely resemble these qualities. However – much I tried to pick at it. You see, this is so much better than being a “bitch” by talking about my male friends behind their back. Poor thing’s, I am hoping they sort of see this so I can help them out a little. Bless! Nicholson, (2011)

“Promises, while feelings towards a romantic partner did not. Apparently, people don’t keep promises because they “love” you; they do it because they have the self-control to complete the task they promised.”

Following through the task. Oh now I like the idea of being able to have a reliant boyfriend. I see the importance of being reliant also. Just picturing the scenario with my top datable movie character:

“Can you do me a favour?”-Sure what’s that?

“Buy some milk for a lovely cup of tea before you get back, please.”

– “Did you forget! Why can’t you do it.”

“Stuck in traffic on a country lane.”

– “oh…. okay then but you are  making the tea!”

Perfect! Teamwork…

This countdown has nothing to do with looks.  It is about the character of these male movie characters following Jeremy Nicholson ‘s formula. I feel, I only want to do a character assassination for fun s little like What makes the best female role model?

Be prepared for the quality character count down:

5.                Ig Perrish: Horns.


Just look beyond Daniel Radcliffe for a second. Focus… on the good qualities of Ig Perrish.

☆ Long term committed

☆ Avenger

☆ Yearned the girl

☆ Wooed her

☆ Comforted her

☆ Was totally besotted


4.   Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim vs the  World


☆ Talented

☆ Witty

☆ Dedicated

☆ Boy Next Door

☆ Knowledgeable

☆ Kind And Caring

☆ Devoted to one girl

☆ Avenger

☆ Yearned and Wooed.

☆ Loyal

3.            Bryan Mills: Taken Series



☆ Loyal

☆ Dedicated

☆ Kind Caring

☆ Honourable

☆ Great Dad

☆ Avenger

☆ Great Listener

☆ Reassuring

☆ The Greatest soft side known in the history of spies.

☆ Loyal

2.                Wesley Gibson: Wanted


Needed a girlfriend who didn’t cheat. Other than that he has:

☆ Talented

☆ Witty

☆ High Tolerence  Levels

☆ Dependable

☆ Intelligent

☆ Avenger

☆ Devoted

☆ Protective

☆ Conscientious

1.         Tobias Eaton: Divergence


☆ Good listener

☆ Shared his burdens

☆ Trustworthy.

☆ Devoted

☆ Dependable

☆ Loves Teamwork

☆ understanding

☆ Avenger

☆ Protective

☆ Interdependent

☆ Confident

☆ Intelligent

☆ Okay with a strong woman crying on his shoulder.

☆ Protective

☆ Attentive

☆ Caring

☆ Kind



Good luck finding your top 5. I found this so useful because maybe subconsciously I am looking for those qualities in a boyfriend.

Not the faces: the quality of the character.  See – there are apparent signs of not being superficial.

Honestly I feel:

5. Ig Perrish is okay but he sort of needed to realise his best chum was his worst enemy. I know it is possible to have a

3. Bryan Mills boyfriend/ husband; look beyond the spy and you will see the qualities.

1. Tobias – his qualities are what I define as perfect.  I do feel realistically – everyone has their faults; but a majority of men have those qualities.

So, how do we find a good quality boyfriend/girlfriend?

•  look for their attention span: not going to be easily distracted.

• See if they have Delayed gratification: not spending every five minutes has self – control. Check if they are patient.

Conscientious people Plan and stick to it.

Achievement: likes to complete tasks.

Good luck finding the real life movie boyfriend!

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