A little motivation for the future self!


Weird And Wonderful…. How about that!

“Whatever you think & feel creates everything that happens to you and everything you experience in life. Choose your thoughts wisely”

Why has this made me feel more determined?

I was clearing out some things today. Trying to sort my flat out. I was clearing out old paperwork preparing to leave.

In my mind I am ready. I even have a projection of how my exercise routine will be and even participating in events by myself.

What are your thought for your future?

I have thought about the things I am leaving behind. I have thought about how I will conduct myself. I thought about how to apply myself in a job and in my studies.

I thought about my self – worth and myself esteem.

I thought about all the other cascades of problems I have had in my current location.

I thought about my stress levels and my independence and values.

I thought about how I am going to turn things around: socially, psychologically, even physically.

I thought about how I would like to be happy. It esteemed me.

Do you feel you have had choices before or had it just been launched at you?

No I seriously had no choice. My family haven’t been around. Not even for moral support – when they do; it has been critical, very opinionated, devaules me as a person, makes me feel inadequate, they also assumed alot which has turned accusational at one point. I could have died and they would not have been bothered – except,  I chose not to. I am choosing to live and enjoy my life.

I always tried to please them at times. There is no point. Just be happy with you.

What are your choices?

I am choosing to meet new people because I know I have the ability to.

I am choosing not to be controlled by the person who abused me.

I am choosing not to be critiqued by others. I am choosing not to live in fear but understand my learning will need critical analysis.

I am choosing to take control of my life and I am choosing to let love in.

I am choosing to at least be happy with myself.

I am choosing to let go of all the pain and the hurt.

I am choosing only to have positive people in my life.

I am choosing to be positive.

I am choosing not to be in a society that is only going to hold a person back due to prejudices.

I am choosing to take control and be consitient by not letting other people get the better of me.

I am choosing to be stronger. I am choosing to belong somewhere where young people look at me funny but do not actually look at me as if to say….

“Have you got any drugs? Do you know anyone?”

I am choosing to defend myself with the laws of the land I reside in. I am choosing to be apart of that society and never look back.

I am choosing life. I am choosing to start a fresh. I am choosing to be stronger.  I am choosing to participate in every way shape or form to a lifestyle which would create a level of understanding for all and a mutual respect.

I am choosing all this for my self respect and self worth.

Good luck on your choices. I know it is a long shot. I want to die trying because I choose to be someone. I choose a future. Love yourselves and love your choices.

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