10 things in life considered beautiful

1.                   Landscape

Have you ever had that moment where you are gob smacked? Well, I feel I have. The only way to find out is to travel to more than 3 holiday destinations in life. The more landscape you see – the more natural beauty you see.

There is nothing more satisfying than freeze framing a moment and seeing the beauty. Yes, take a photo it will last longer. We are mere ants living on this huge planet. As scarey as it may seem – venturing out is rewarding.

The problem is life is too short. The more we hold back wishing we had something. The harder it becomes to appreciate the world for it’s natural beauty. The more it is making people feel unwell in themselves.  The less connected we are too our innate characteristics the worse we become towards one another. Nature has the ability to make us feel balanced.

2.             Sea/Ocean/Lakes

What a lovely setting! Yes – just think….

Why do surfers believe in God? The sea is the most dangerous and destructive thing on the planet. We have no control over the tides or current forces. These elements are filled with different species of animals – they too can be the most harmful thing to man. So, a surfer puts his or her trust in God to survive.


I feel I needed to wonder why, Bethany Hamilton  was able to conquer her fears and face the waves once more.
Actually being in the sea, I feel helpless and scared when I go too far out. I am not ashamed to admit it. I see the depth and I feel small but then I feel safe knowing I made it back to shore. I realise the sea is the most amazing sensual thing out there to calm a person – hearing the waves hit the shore. Watching the white horses roll over on the cusp, hit the surf and crash against the land.  Just thinking about it helps calm anyone down.

3.                      Animals

They are dangerous and beautiful. I look at a lion and I feel scared but amazed at how beautiful looking they are. So many different types of species – how can anyone not think the diversity is beautiful?


I can imagine stroking a lion and it purring like a cat – but like red riding hood I would approach with caution:

“My, My – My…. what big teeth you have!”

Just as I speak the lion roars and eats me. It is understandable – I am in the lions world; he can smell my fear. Therefore, animals who can eat us are still beautiful and we sit back in awe – content our lives are separate.

4. Food

It is beautiful. Prepared by a chef or yourself or people you love – food is compared to beauty.

You could be your own decorative expert – designing plates of creation; mixing herbs and spices to make it taste like ambrosia (food from the God’s.)


Nowadays we take pictures and instagram the moment we have had a culinary experience. Imagine life without being able to eat!

Food is essential so it should be beautiful or else we would not survive..

5.                      Music

From Brahams to Tchaikovsky; BB King to ZZ Top; Bob Marley to Sepultura; DJ Fresh to Johnny Cash, or, Iron Maiden, or, Muse, or, Faith Hill, or, Pink, Paul Van Dyke, to Avici; Scooter to Maddona; the Beatles to Led Zeppelin; Earth Wind and Fire to Robin S, or, Papa Roach…
You name it – there is music for every taste imaginable.


“If music be the food for love, play on”  Twelve Night Act 1, Scene 1 ~ Shakespeare.

The power of music is straightforward it basically unites people and gets them to express themselves through dance which creates that amazing feeling throughout the body.  Music is a beautiful thing forcing us to come together and interact with one another. It is powerful and straightforward.

If anything sinister happens in a film straight way you know what happens because the sounds and the music. Your senses are on high alert.  Music is the most appropriate way to find people with a like minded approach to life.

6. Smiling

Look you may have crooked teeth – you may have discolouration on them: who cares.

“Just smile and the whole world will smile with you.”


Apparently it uses many muscles and it is therapeutic. I was told smiling on the phone always helps because the other person can feel it on the other side.
A smile is beautiful and has many different kinds of ways for people to be positive.

7.              Flowers

Recieving the following: Romantic flowers, friendship flowers,  flowers for kindness, flowers when your ill, Birthdays, a new job, baby showers, weddings, moving …. you name it – flower power can be beautiful.

8.                  Children

They say funny things because the world is new to them. They are amazing and children are beautiful. Why? Because they learn so quickly and they can impress you with a new way of doing things. Children are just wonderful to be around – watching them experience life differently is the most beautiful thing in the world.

9.                Reading

Our imaginations would continue to be weird and wonderful through reading.

10.            Dancing/moshing

I am not the best dancer in the world but being silly is the way I would perform the task of dancing. It is good for you – it gets your heart racing. You wave your hands about silly. It is great to get people together.

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  1. Really like the title of your blog, Weird and Wonderful. I would hope that those two words might describe me to my friends. Who wants to be normal? Our world is a beautiful place if we but open our eyes.

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