A Blighty Tale: “Fears of food knowledge!”

Weird And Wonderful would like to explore: why on earth Blighty media are intent on making people look less intelligent.

Knowledge is like food it is a mere source of survival. If you did not have knowledge in the first place you would not have the ability to read.

Poppy cock newspaper!!!!!!

“Of course, bananas grow on trees!”

If only you could see my facial expressions of complete bewilderment.


I asked my 3 year old and she said trees. I did not even tell her. She has seen tomatoes grow on trees so she must have made a really quick association.

If there are really uneducated people in Blighty then how would they feed themselves? How would they read and write?

If you have never read Weird and Wonderful post  before: Welcome. Pull up a pew and let me open your mind to this inferiority complex.

Notice the emotes show sarcasm. Sarcasm is definitely an amazing sign of intelligence. Paul Metcalf is on to something. Let's try and answer why!
Notice the emotes show sarcasm. Sarcasm is definitely an amazing sign of intelligence. Paul Metcalf is on to something. Let’s try and answer why!

Notice how I empathise with Paul Metcalf : “Are you making this up? What are your objectives?”  In all fairness, sarcasm is the one true form of intelligence no one can deny me from having. Although, I see something more sinister behind this factory of intellectual abuse.

Hats off to the sarcastic comments above!

What is the history behind Blighty ‘s  obsession for intelligence?

Well the most ponient time in Blighty ‘s history was the creation of Mi5 ,in 1909. They wanted the most intelligent to be apart of their system in order to spy on other countries. Oops – did I let the Cat out of the bag again. Apologies, too much information. Let’s approach this with a little caution.

Basically, Mi5 is the equivalent to the FBI/CIA. You need to be intelligent to perform at the level of these elite individuals who are expert in all fields of knowledge.

Therefore, I feel Blighty is proud of the intelligence and their experts being able to have the intelligence to function at all levels.

Why is intelligence abuse becoming more common in Blighty?

Well I am not an expert. However, I know if you are reading this – then you are literate. The average IQ of a Blighty is 100 – however there is a sinister point which I will make. Class structure in Blighty means, the lower classes must have an above average IQ in Blighty to succeed.
According to Intelligence and class mobility in Blighty – Nettle, D ( 2003) :

“Performance on intelligence tests is known to be associated with class mobility, with high scorers tending to move up the socio-economic hierarchy, and low scorers tending to move down. However, much remains unknown about the association. It is possible that the importance of intelligence varies across different occupational areas, or that there is friction acting against mobility, such that a person from an underprivileged background would have to be more intelligent in order to reach a given position than someone who had had greater social advantage.”

Such a shame, people in Blighty would not like to improve their intellectual capacity to improve their country. I feel this has actually empowered me to strive towards a better life without feeling chastised. I do have an above average IQ and I am not ashamed. I just feel so ashamed of the way people abuse one another.

Does Intellectual abuse occur  in Blighty?

I would like to show an example of a photo- shop image. I feel, it is a perfect. It demonstrates intelligence and inequality actually are prominent in Blighty.

For those who do think I speak a lot of jargon. It means, the social class divide is based on the intellectual capacity of the individual.

Honestly, Blighty people love to display the social class divide using intelligence. Notice, how they use the terminology “knuckle heads” to detach themselves from those who follow such things.

It is basically intellectual abuse. However, these are not children they are talking about. They are adults with probably the below average IQ.

For children intellectual abuse is known as Emotional abuse . I do think the social class divide has become so awful, children are now being emotionally abused and neglected.

Why do children need a good education?

Let me see, children are protected internationally – the international law’s are United Nations Human Rights (1948 crc) Ariticle 26:

(1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.(2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.(3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

On the basis of merit – not your social class. Except Blighty cannot make a detor from social classes because they love the emotional abuse to continue; the ones at the top need to keep a sufficient amount at the bottom.

Surely this is why most of them behave in such a manner towards one another that it actually becomes an  impeachment: evasive, offensive, abusive, manipulative and abhorrent.

Why do you chastise the whole nation?

There are some who really do not wish to be in Blighty because the intellectual and social class structure is so predominantly offensive – they really feel ashamed to be there. Personally, I do not think many want to continue discriminating against others but it is becoming frequently unequal.

Why not laugh with them?

Abuse is abuse. So I really do not wish to participate. It means I am no better than a thug for behaving in a particular manner. I like to try and treat people of all types fairly but it is becoming impossible. I do not wish to make fun of people because it is not a sensible thing to do. Picture the scenario:

What you want?”

-“Do you mean: What would I like….?”

“Don’t take that tone with me…”

It really isn’t going to work. Some Blighty ‘s lack the postive approach because it takes adaption and skills to communicate in a very non – offensive way.

How do I increase my IQ?

• Take a higher education course as an adult.

• Read more

• Listen to a variety of music – classical is meant to have scope to increase the mind with its range of tones.

• Switch your television off. Stop listening to the radio and being influenced by such things to regress your mind.

• Learn a new skill like needle craft or colouring.

• Learn a new language

• Go to sleep at a reasonable time

• Drink lots of water

• Exercise

• Meditate

• Take an IQ Test.

• Encourage and challenge others in a debate.

• Discuss ethics and try to justify everything.

• Don’t just Google it. Get a book or find a method of reading journals.

• Buy a puzzle book.

• Always remain positive and motivated.

I think it is time for most of the Blighty citizens to admit. Some people are just unable to stop abusing people for their intellectual capacity but there must be changes in society like more schools or the ability to make education more affordable.

Why are you so embarrassed to be a Blighty?

I really hate to compare the rest of the world with our IQ, but, it is systematic. I feel the more you cultivate the opinions of needing skilled workers – the more rebellious people are becoming if they have to pay for their education.

It has made most of Blighty rude and really intolerable towards learning. Their lack of compassion for other cultures is also embarrassing. I ask myself:

“When was the last time Blighty invented something?”

“When was the last time they actually stopped bragging about their past achievements?”

“Look at Greece…. they were the most intellectually strong country at one point in history. Look at their economy and pride now. What do you think will happen to poor Blighty?”

“Before Pride comes a Fall!”

All of these thoughts because I think intellectually this needs to be debated and I feel discussions about the level of people’s capacity is based on the economic suppression of individuals. I am 100% agreeing with Nettle, D (2003), I feel because of this: Blighty is regressing.

Good luck to all those who wish to stay in Blighty. Fruit comes from factories and a man driving a white van calls a woman fat. Of course “Not my problem!” I know I laugh because it is truly fiendish.

TTFN! (Tar -Tar -For -Now!)

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