“A story” – by weird and wonderful

Once upon a time there was a Princess who lived in a castle. The King and Queen decided they would divorce because the King had beaten the Queen badly, for she would not support him.

The poor princess was distraught – had no idea how to feel or behaviour or react to the situation.

Divorce was frowned upon in the kingdom and the princess tried to resolve arguments and disputes between her parents. It would not work. She went to live with her mother who became so wrapped up in work because it was not the lifestyle she was accustomed to.

The King decided he would lavish the princess with all the trinkets in the world to let her belive that he was the best. The poor princess believed in her fathers plea. She did not realise he was abusive, manipulative and scandalous.

One day the princess struggled with her maths and long division. Her father pulled her by her hair into a cold room – forced her to resubmit the work. She burst into tears wondering why she could not understand the solution to the maths problems.

Every moment her father had or opportunity the princess showed weakness in her intellectual capacity her father would hit her and tell her she must try harder.

Eventually, the princess found friends. They tried to tell her she was brilliant and clever. The Princess did not believe it was true. She was unsure of what to do. Even her tutors would punish her harshly for not understanding how formulation was to be applied.

All the test’s she took she had A’s and B’s but only when her father was not abusive and her tutors would explain what was expected of her. Clearly defining context. For algebraic equations would be mastered – even physics was mastered and accomplished with +A. The Princess still believed she was not clever.

Everyone would tell her she was and yet still she believed she was not. The Princess was trapped in such termoil. She felt despair.

Visiting her mother -: she did not realise her mother was looking for faults because her mother disliked her father so much. Her mother had turned bitter and was turning into a witch; cold and almost unable to communicate with her daughter – she found it hard to even talk to her mother about her life and what had happened.

One day the witches dreams had come true. The Princess was to become Queen of the land. However the witch was still bitter and tormented. The witch found it hard to actually understand because she felt too guilty to even correct all the wrongs which had happened – threw even comforting the new Queen.

The Queen had stopped wearing colourful clothes and felt her voice would not be heard. All the parliamentary ministers spoke for her.  The witch would not agree on her choices of suitors; criticised her choices of men because she did not have any influence in her life. The witch would never defend her against the ministers; she goaded and taunted them to spread lies and deceit throughout the land about the Queen.

The bitter witch befriended the Queen; making it look as though she was friends with her: crushed the Queen’s spirit in spite so she could rule the land.

The Queen was heartbroken and wanted to marry the King of another relm. For he was beautiful and good natured. He was kind and beautiful. Handsome and funny. The wicked witch cast a spell on the Queen to ruin her chances with the King.

Despite the witch making an attempt to destroy the Queen. The King from another relm could see that his heart only belonged to the Queen. He sang a melody to will her to him. The Queen wanted peace so she married the King she loved – which broke the wicked witches spell.  As the witch had no power over the Queen when they were  married. All the sad times had disappeared and only the future was hopeful and bright – the Queen wore colourful clothes again and had children. She was the happiest she had ever been.

The End.

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