What on EARTH did I just read!!!

Weird And wonderful would love to explore the reasons why people are now making comments on facebook that are deemed “acceptable”…. but actually are quite offensive.


A study by A. Kochersberger, (2014) published by “the International Journal of Humor” is sort of in my direction  answering why sexist jokes has the effect on our prejudices and attitudes. As she discovered:

“Results showed that liking sexist humor has nothing to do with gender, at least once views toward women are taken into consideration. Women are just as likely to enjoy sexist jokes as men, particularly when they hold sexist views themselves.”

Shocking as I read “Why offensive jokes affect you more than you realise”- Psychology Today.


So that means women like sexist jokes against them?

Oh my word I am guilty for laughing. I did laugh at the shark infested water one. It reminded me “of a tampax advert gone wrong – should have turned it into a super plus and she would not have been eaten by sharks.” Weird and Wonderful  (2015)

So I personally am not feeling sexist. I feel some women in certain circumstances probably could not take the joke or humour. However, it does not make me sexist. I just think on a different level. So since I am talking about sanitary towels – did you know war torn countries do not have enough of a supply for women who are mensutating? Donate pads!

According to Kochersberger, (2014) donations for women living in war torn countries would decrease if  sexist people who laughed at the joke, or were encouraged to continue to make jokes,  for sexist reasons:

“Subjects in that study rating high on measures of hostile sexism contributed almost nothing to the women’s organizations after reading sexist jokes, a drop of about 80% compared to “donations” made following neutral jokes’

So the saddening fact means our prejudices makes us really nasty, we are unable to be giving, or, helpful towards one another: even more so if the joke is on the woman.  If women’s organisations are not being donated for then why should  the government not make people’s lives more equal?

It depends on how intelligent your government is!

Am I sexist?

This is the interesting question – I am not too thrilled about the bodily fluid outbreak trend myself.  I was talking to my friend about a new club which is about to open in our town. It was a former strip club. I proceeded to tell her:

“I will not sit on those chairs.”

She said “why not?”

I said “because they have been wearing candy floss g – strings and sitting on the seats. I am a woman and I should know that is not nice.”

She replied: “but they had refurbished it so it is new chairs.”

“No sorry – I have the ugly image in my head of bodily fluids being spread about. It is a no!”

Hence, women who are not sexist do not go to gentlemen ‘s clubs regularly to participate in equality. It does not make me a homophobe either – it is a matter of cleanliness and survival.

If you know germs and how they spread – then why put yourself in a harmful environment?

Seriously I am not sexist. Each to their own. Strippers are probably earning way more money than a CEO of a small company. If they aren’t then – change it. Kochersberger, (2014) study shows – joking with neutral jokes would mean people give twice as much:

“But those who didn’t rate high on sexism didn’t show the effect: Instead they donated more after reading the sexist jokes, about twice as much, compared to “donations” following after priming with neutral jokes.”

So there is a way of changing it. The study finds out that sexism in its Form is through humour and actually
Stupid jokes are sexism just covered which is dangerously harmful.

How do we change that behaviour since it is out there and Facebook has become a popularity contest?

Weird and Wonderful is admitting that Facebook has become a false perception of our daily lives. As the information which is given to us is readily avaliable and people are able to comment without thinking. As the rule is applied for cognitive dissonance.


I feel people do not realise how offensive they can be in the world. When it is staring them as plain as day – we are too quick to follow the crowd and break away from the mold. If you are not apart of the IN Crowd…. you are deemed as not worthy of being heard.

So, I think that truly… I am waiting for Terminator 2: Judgement Day – when the nuclear bomb comes and makes these people disapaite. I will be like Sarah Connor – running from the terminator and being all military and mighty.

I am not a true feminist but I was influenced by amazing role models. There is nothing wrong with Sarah Connor; granted she was institutionalised: for talking about the Terminator, but, come on…. if we saw something weird and wonderful – we would turn a little strange and be overwhelmed. Bad example of a strong woman – okay! Scrap it…. start again!

Ripley from Aliens… in some spaceship and scared by aliens; comes back to fight the aliens at their hive, or, nest, or, home planet. Look I am not an Alien expert I just watched the film more than 20 times. Just watch it… Ripley is my role model.

I do not need men to tell me how to be a woman. I do not need other women how to tell me to be. The shocking thing about it is: women have become more sexist through these jokes – not through strong role models.

“We have the ability to be equals ladies. This one sided love affair is over.” – Weird and wonderful, (2015)

Basically, grab a pair of socks from your draw and shove it down your undercrackers and try to put your skinny genes (jeans: the typo was a pun) on – equality is coming! I realise it sounds completely ridiculous – I know I will never be deemed as equal for participating in a sock buldge battle photo – on facebook just to prove equality should exist. 

I am not agreeing to sexist jokes – I just see a different way of looking at them.

If this is sexism: how on EARTH do we make it equal?

The only thing I see are governments forming an alliance to make it happen.  Not every culture wants that to happen. Not every country wants to get rid of their innate characteristics.

So – let’s be honest with the whole thing. If you do not like sexist jokes. Have the courage to say so – even on facebook. Shut the idiots up.

The popularity contest has to stop ,or, else we will not evolve as a species. If reporting it on facebook does not work then I have no idea what to say.

I will not procreate with guys who do not treat me like their best friend and their equal. Let them find some beautiful ocean to swim in and let the sharks nor away at their legs because truly sharks could not give a hoot if you are male, or,  female. They would just eat you because they see you swimming or they see you wounded. There is no specific set of male, or, female preferences.

As for the other bodily functions – decent sperm count was just identified by intelligence as nil. According to a study Males inherit more intelligence from their mothers – Dr Keith Witt, (2012) . So you basically are shooting yourselves in the foot for being sexist – as your intelligence is based on your mother. This is why sometimes, it is best for some cultures to learn to respect all women full stop and start letting go of this idosyncratic nature of abusing women.

The female of the species is more deadlier than the male and therefore some men are really lacking the appreciation of reality. We cannot help it if we were born of a certain nature.

Where do we go from here?

  • Men and women need to be equals even on facebook.
  • There needs to be more mutual grounds for respect. There needs to also be more common ground for jokes.
  • Men have to apply some Form of making their equality count also by approaching the situation with more tact.
  • Women really do not need to stoop to a level that is crass or unappealing to get the attention of men. We need to be intellectual.
  • Breastfeeding is a Form of intelligence: proven scientific fact and most men would appreciate it if you accept that is what the female body is for and yes it is attractive but like all animals we need attraction to procreate.

Intellectual grounds means equal footing. Yes – eventually men are known to be more intelligent than women and have more success in achieving their intellectual study goals than women. This is probably because we like to nest and make home. This is natural. However – you can do both if you truly want to.

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