“How On Earth Can You Be Lonely?”🌍🌏🌎

Lonely Planet, Lonely world, Lonely traveler – there are 6 billion people on the planet. HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU LONELY?

Lonely planet sell Millions of copies world wide. How can anyone on earth feel lonely?

I will tell you what loneliness is – it is a feeling of disappointment in those whom haven’t provided us with a nurturing attachment, or, a sense of collective community.

There is no such thing as lonely.

I will explain once more that loneliness is a feeling of being abandoned, or,Β  rejected by others. Now – it does not mean other people will reject you.Β  Just those types of people have made you feel lonely and naked.

So….there is no such thing as lonely. No matter how tough things become – the more peaceful life becomes – the better, as the aging process begins to kick in. However, beating the clock is nothing – loneliness is nailed on the head when you realise the people who think negatively – are the one who are preventing you from finding out -: WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Fred Durst – Limp Bizkit. Nice hand writing – lyrics for Lonely world. He has a good point though. It is all down to yourself and that sense of community.

The ones who prevent us from self – discovery are the ones who have not got the courage to find out if we really are alone. If we live in this void of emptiness without attachment.

Being strong lately, has taken more courage and strength and I do not think I can continue feeling like I do. As it takes some HATE….. Serious amount of HATE. You see loneliness is not a choice to some; it is because their parents are unable to be good parents.

Hating people takes time and energy and I wasted most of my time. I am clever enough to know better – I could have made my life better and turned it around by now. But I was given the short straw of really rubbish parents. I have no more hate left.

If anything – I want to detach myself as far away from their connections as possible and be hidden so they think I am lonely.

I will not be lonely – There are 6 Billion people out there and some of them maybe – Weird and wonderful like me.

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