Work, work, work –

When the work piles up,
We see no silver lining,
We are supposed to carry on shining,
Who smiles?

Let’s see!.
We all smile when we get home,
We have things to relax our mind,
When we carry the work home,
It is hard to shake off the grind,

Should their be a limit?
Yes – we are worried about being poor,
Really, we should be worried about the time spent with family or friends,
The reasons why people exist and are around for,

We should worry about being sociable,
We should worry about walking into a supermarket and using self – checkout,
Preventing us from communicating on a level which is deemed respectable,
Is this where bad attitudes and less jobs are coming about?

Our need for technology means we are losing the way to interact and be polite,
Our attitudes are linked with trouble and strife,
Those are the reasons why a man cannot find a wife,

A wife is good for many things:
Masages, quiet reflections, postive person to be supportive,
Gives a sense of purpose and meaning to your life,
This is why a man needs a wife,

Take the burden off your shoulders and tell your boss to forget the books,
As we all need social; face to face moments –
To reduce anxiety, depression and even stress,
Even if they pay you less.

At the moment everyone is working overtime and are not gaining life skills,
Not even having the opportunity to enjoy their adult lives;
Obtaining no job satisfaction and a sense of purpose,
A few years from now you will be asking “Was this really worth it?”


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