Strange World We Live in….

I felt like sharing some strange moments to ease my burdens a little. Not many of you know a gentleman by the name of Corey Taylor. He is in the most amazing band known in the history of metal core.

I fell out with my family for loving metal – right now – do you need to know the complications of my life? I will give you some hints on stereotyping but that is about it.

However, I can relate to him more; than I relate to them.

Strange world we live in, if you have more in common with strangers than your own family members hey! No – I dedicate this to Corey Taylor. He is a beautiful human being who saved me. Here is the second verse of “Psychosocial” – Slipknot. Please feel free to Spotify to have more of a feel of the pain and anguish in this song:

There are cracks in the road we laid
But where the temple fell
The secrets have gone mad
This is nothing new, but when we killed it all
The hate was all we had
Who needs another mess?
We could start over
Just look me in the eyes and say I’m wrong
Now there’s only emptiness
Venomous, insipid
I think we’re done. I’m not the only one!


And the rain will kill us all…
We throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me
Psychosocial! [X6]
The limits of the dead! [x4]

– Family members who show less empathy towards those who: have been abused, or, are; depressed, or, stressed, or, mental ill, or who struggle with their daily lives: ought to take a moment to think.

– Family members who lie about a weaker persons circumstances and situation just to make themselves look good. Just think about it.

– Family members who are ashamed of others circumstances and situation but have not got the heart to help properly. Just think about it.

– A kind act between family members is suddenly thought of as sinister: When it comes from the one who is weakest. However, has anyone noticed they are the ones most likely to put themselves under more pressure to gain the support of others? Yes, I do believe family members who do this are in a better position, or, in a position of power, in terms of being influencing and their version of what is weak maybe a little warped.

-Kindness comes from a good place. When the influencial family members acuse someone of being something they are not then – it is sinister – it also means the family memebers do not know you.  Perhaps they feel: guilty, ashamed, or even jealous? Perhaps they think a person will be strong enough to carry their guilt, or,  pride?

– Critics are harmful. If family memebers are overly critical; it is only right that the person who is being criticised walks away. As it is not healthy to hear too much negativity. As we all live our daily lives – you blame the other person  because you feel negatively towards yourself?

Stop and think….

Just think of the consequences of your actions. Blaming one person for something which is out of their control, means, you do not love them and you could not see their act of kindness.

I feel as though life is tough – I wear a good guard to protect me from the world. Well, if you have been abused – it becomes a natural instinct.

However, my suit of armour will only come down when I trust people. So being in these kinds of situations would, make me, put my knight armour back on and go out for a spot of slaying! When you have a problem with a family member it is called “psychosocial”…

Relating to the interrelation of social factors and individual thought and behaviour -Oxford Dictionary. 

Being empathetic and kind starts with family. We all came into the world with a blank slate – the only way to erase bad errors as an adult is through love, kindness, empowerment and love.

Thank you Corey Taylor for being the one to carry me through my trying testing years. You are still with me now and I wish I could tell you I love you as my family.

I really feel it is healthy to let go when family memebers disregard you. It makes you stronger and helps you think clearly.

One more thing as a Slipknot Fan – I will always be proud to be a maggot.

From here on in:

I shall here by be known as the weird maggot; from the strange maggot tribe! – Weird and Wonderful, (2015).

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