Why is Life a Drama? Part 2…..

Weird and Wonderful forgot to mention about those having to deal with those who are attracted to Drama in Why is life a Drama? Part 1. 

When you absolutely do not wish to participate in the Drama of Life and people are being silly and ignorant, just sing -:



    • I just chuckle at people whom think of ways to make people feel awfully inferior…..it just will not happen to me anymore. I have my stratergies.

      Was it just a rumour that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain?

      I mean, I did hear about it this year – how they reopened Kurts case…..

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      • Haha… I don’t know if she did? I always hear rumors about her.

        What I meant was Gwen Wrote that song because she said things about her.
        Courtney Love called her a cheerleader (haha) and some other things. Supposedly, that’s why the video has Gwen in a cheerleader outfit.
        I just always thought it was a funny story.

        Now, about you! Don’t let anyone make you feel anything less than AWESOME!!!
        Because you are AWESOME ❤️

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      • Thank you – life always brings a Courtney. It just takes a wonderful to be a Gwen.

        I do find the video funny – it is all about drama and is fantastic.

        I would love to find out about the mysteries of Kurt Cobain ‘s death.


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