God loves Gay’s, Lesbian’s, Trangenders and Bisexual’s!!!

Hypocrisy is actually making it harder for us to evolve as humans. To actually harm another human being. Now I won’t show you which verse and bible part it states, but, I will say this:

Do you think God would have created all men and women the same?

Do you think that God wanted us all to be different because we are all Gods creatures?

Why do you have to take it back to 200 BCE?

I feel it is none of my business –  when it comes to the relationship details – I think it is fair to say – I cringe thinking of older folks even kissing. Each to their own. 

 It is up to you, but, I feel ashamed when it comes to many LGBTIQ, fleeing for their lives – due to being found out, or, they are actually murdered in front of children. Bodies are just left on display, for everyone to walk by as if they would catch the plague from touching a person.


Sexuality is not a disease: “oh you sneezed – oh I must be gay!” 

The realisation of how stuppified it sounds finally sinks in. Is it education? Unfortunately….. not!

The list is too long, for the countries whom show blatant disregard for human life. I will show links and let you form opinions on stories.

I feel torturing individuals based on their sexual orientation is barbaric. There seems to be a tone of hatred towards one another in general, around the globe at the moment. There is no need – they could be a relative or a friend who is not prepared to discuss their sexuality due to fear.

1. Have an open mind and an open heart.

2. Accept them and do not try to change them.

3. According to Christianity, you are all gods creatures – well why torture them? Why make them feel like they are sub – human? Would you like to be treated in this manner?

4. Change the way you look at yourselves in general. Hatred is barbaric.

5. Have Gay Pride Days and make them a national day. Why? Because point blank – you need to celebrate life. Life and love; BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR OWN SEXUALITY!

I just thought I may share this moment.

Uganda holds an Anti – gay law which means these people are sentenced to death

A gay man stoned to death caught on camera

List of 76 countries whom have hate crimes towards LGBTIQ – the shameful list.

It starts with people accepting: it is true, I am not gay… I am just a person who thinks this is barbaric.

I disown Christianity for the barbaric behaviour of the people follow the faith and behave like hypocrites. They torture and kill which is: barbaric. No, matter how comfortable you feel – it is still a human being. Regardless!

So – through neglecting Christianity and any other religion; I feel my values and beliefs are better. I feel my actions are better also.

If God did not want us all to be different, he would have made us all the same! So, to hell with those who think this is acceptable.

As I stated – –  – – I am not Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Bisexual: I am just a better person than a Christian who hates them. This is 2015 After Christ… and Christ had 12 disciples, they were all men – he had no girlfriend – what if he was gay?

As I wrote it – I feel if Jesus was gay he certainly may have been my friend. I would not care either way because apparently, he loved all of us.


  1. True, having a lot of gay friends, but all i keep on telling them that they are weak in a way that they gave up after a bad relationship that they had to go for the easy way… it’s inhumane how some people react to such cases,
    but it is an unbalanced life wise what gays are doing


    • It is a bit of a situation….

      But I feel like they won’t be able to love and accept themselves if the whole world doesn’t – thus, the ability of fear of not finding a soul mate. I do feel we need to try and convince the rest of the world.


      • As long as they’re convinced with their behavior they’ll definitely accept themselves.it always take time to find a soulmate since it’s a SOUL mate an individual has to find… but you know it’s always the positive pole and the negative pole that produce electricity ….a negative and a negative repulse and a positive with a positive don’t match. don’t get me wrong i am big lesbian fan… the rest of the world is a hopeless case whatever they find a new trend they will follow.


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