Amazing post I found – Many Mistakes, even Egregious ones, are the Result of Ignorance! –

I feel as though social media has been used as a weapon at times. People freely speak their minds on matters which may be simply resolved; however, the example I can give: A gentleman asked me to help him with his facebook page. I thought…”okay this should not be too bad”….He started to behave strangely and asked me for my number because apparently I did things wrong, I did not want to give him my number, I found him really creepy. Then after he persisted I said alright and contacted him through Facebook phone – where he pretended to be pleasant about my corrections on his page. Even though he requested I do so. Then after this he kept falling out with everyone and being so rude and I did not like it. So, he began blocking people. I did not want to become anymore attached – he unblocked me and requested I help him on his page again; I felt like I would be pleasant – then I had finished work and he became very, very rude and swore at me. I found this very intrusive. I feel as though facebook really should sort of have the blocking feature permanent for a month or two, because it is intrusive. I am sorry but even though I blocked the gentleman – I changed my name and then deactivated my account. I feel, there comes a time when men behave incorrectly and facebook need to have better privacy settings. He may have been ignorant, but, I made my boundaries clear from the start: ” I have a boyfriend and this is just you asking me to Edit your facebook page”… I think – he was not happy perhaps by my clear boundaries. 

Many Mistakes, even Egregious ones, are the Result of Ignorance! –

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