3 Ways To Face A Challenge!

I learnt that 3 is an amazing number. It is achievable and also it is easier to remember. If you feel like making another to suit you. Go ahead… but here are my 3 ways to face a challenge. Please feel free to create your own. They are therapeutic and may help on approaching situations of delicate matters.

Firstly, what is a challenge?

I feel this is the most important way to establish how to approach the situation. It could be a moral dilemma which has occured between friends or family. It could be an ethical dilemma at work; a meeting or changing a deadline time to be achieved; creating a meeting; a task you cannot manage or a dispute. Either way it is a challenge! 

Facing a challenge is like eating breakfast - start with your day the right way :)
Facing a challenge is like eating breakfast – start with your day the right way 🙂


1. Communication – I know this is not my favourite thing to do. I see many would love to face things head on. However, communication does not always mean verbal. You could give non – verbal communication, email or messages. These forms of communication – eases some disputes but not all of them.

I feel avoiding talking to others means my number 2 and 3 will not work!

2. Problem solving/Resolving – I feel this is not my strong suit but it will be when I get into it. Problem solving needs communication. No one can say Cesar built Rome – because we all know that is not true. He had many diplomats by his side. Hence, they murdered him. So – problem solving is being able to think of the solution and even compromise. In some aspects, compromising means your idea is not going to be taken on board.

Please, do not lose dignity over it by causing more disputes. It is best to just look at the situation and smile prepare for the reply which is compromising to others. 

3. Application – I feel that application of a problem is not based on approaching someone in such a manner, as in, to demand they do these tasks to follow application.

Dignity is one of those delicate things we take for granted.

Take a person to one side and communicate what you would like them to do. Give them a chance to resolve, or, let the information sink in. Because – at times there are moments when someone is preoccupied with other things.

Perhaps make a meeting. I feel writing this down in my blog will help me in the future, resolve disputes or challenges I face as an adult. Application means following something through and making certain necessary adjustments. Not everyone is able to resolve and make application but – it is achievable.


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