What is intimacy these days?

Why are men on dating sites unable to be embarrassed? Why do they come across really placid?

Intimacy is intimacy.

Close familiarity or friendship – Oxford Dictionary

So  – I think I have  a  boyfriend except he lives abroad. I think I want to move to be closer to him because he understands, I am strange and quirky. He also has a good sense of humour and nice eyes. Such a cute face as well…. (at this point, it is fair to say I really do genuinely like this person!)

So all those dating site men are not my Jon Snow, or, Romeo, or, Prince Caspian – do not ask me why I felt the need to use those as examples: I fell out with 50 shades of Grey.

Unfortunately, this long distance boyfriend… is sort of being a bit placid too. I feel I should not be afraid because, anything could happen – he may need me one day; I would like that very much. I feel we shared intimate moments. I feel – even though many of us are wanting more – intimacy is not a toy!

A toy.… is battery operated and makes women smile; 8 settings and hums….

I feel many of us need to be stimulated in more ways than one. I feel intimacy is not just something that is based on sex. It is about how much you know about the individual, or, you try to remember. How much they are willing to do for you.

Intimacy means better time in the bedroom. In fact – it means it is just you and that person. I can be selfish for all the right reasons. I think it is fair to say….

When a guy who is very close to you asks: “can you bring the toy?” – you are practicing intimacy!

Receiving sexual photos from strangers, means the following:

1. Boring sexual encounters.

2. Confidence blown.

3. He / She has shared their photos with many others if you have not been on a date.

4. He/She may have shown their friends that photo and laughed. (Guilty for this)

5. They are being polite…. by not telling you it will not work; if you have not been officially together. 

I am using this photo to demonstrate to others – that you should be more wary of intimacy…..It is not my long distance boyfriend – he is a good one – a keeper.

Some women love to be respected and you must find out first before you dare do this. You may want to share this around. If it does not work out for me in my new relationship – I know I want an intimate one; I am to avoid encounters like these, if my relationship does go wrong.

Hopefully the photo I post here means, I make an exceptional example out of how not to approach intimacy. Hopefully, all men will have a conversation about intimacy with one another – just to know the difference; also to prevent someone crossing a boundary that perhaps – needs a few dates first.

Example of the importance of intimacy. Once it is broken - anyone could take advantage of you...  Best thing to do is make sure you treat one another with respect and love yourselves.
Example of the importance of intimacy. Once it is broken – anyone could take advantage of you…
Best thing to do is make sure you treat one another with respect and love yourselves.


  1. Many people (guys mostly) use the terms intimacy and sex as if they are the same thing.

    They aren’t.

    Sex is a form of intimacy, but intimacy is about closeness. Having sex with someone doesn’t even have to involve any intimacy.

    Intimacy is what I think we all should strive for in relationships.

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    • I think you are quite correct.
      I never developed feelings for online sex fiends.

      My favourite had already met me, he is funny, charming and did not ask me for any of those things and I just feel more attracted to him. In fact, I had the most fun with him because of intimacy and trust.

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      • I am very glad for this. Too many seem that way, your approach has gar more chance of real and sustainable velvet rabbit style love. Xxx

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      • I have a theory – that if we continue in the dating site manner: Many will just sleep around until they find someone to settle down with – but they probably may end up with someone who has to really work on their trust. I heard someone has slept with as many as 300 women. I wonder if you have to be a special kind of woman to accept a guy who has slept with that many women?


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