aside What Does Potential Actually Mean?

I realise we are  not always equipped with certain skills or even the knowledge to gain the potential for a better future.

– Why did I start this negatively? Well, because potential is based on your capacity to develop into the future.

That which is possible – Free Dictionary

Here is another angle of looking at it: if i was camping on my own, in the woods. I would not be able to start a camp fire without fuel or the tools to make the fire. I must seek the wood; I must have a lighter, or lint, or a magnifying glass: those are my tools. Whilst breaking down the task of making, or, preparing the fire, means, I must have the patience to wait for my fire to ignite… or even have the patience to see it through till the end.

Now, I feel as though many do not reach their full potential because they have not got the patience or the tools around them are incuficient, or, ineffective – they do not have the ability to light the fire because of the different variables: looking at the fire – it may be raining, or, the ground may be too damp, it maybe too windy. So, when these variables happen in the environment – which is external it means full potential of the task of lighting the fire will not be achieved.

Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future – Oxford Dictionary

So – in any given situation: people’s environment or surroundings effect whether or not they have the tools to reach their full potential.

It becomes a different matter entirely when, people’s variables; it maybe their life challenges – age, where they live, their level of education e.t.c which effects full potential. I feel, I have heard all the excuses under the sun about people not being able to achieve their full potential because it was all their fault and they never reached out and asked for help. Was the help there in the first place to ask for? If it was there, I feel, then certainly –  you can blame the individual.

Adj: possible when the necessary conditions exist – Cambridge Dictionary

If certain measures have not been put into place and things are not provided for to help a person reach their full potential, when they asked for help – change it! Make it avaliable for others by evoking change.

As I feel that even though many would complain about people and their capacity to do things – well, I feel people should stop complaining about individuals. Yes – they may have the abilities but it may not be the right conditions for that person and help them adapt…. as I feel it does not help everyone in the grand scheme of things. Potential is a positive aspect of gaining something.

To gain or achieve, is an ability to reach full potential to a task. I feel, many are still at a low point because they see themselves at a low point, with the inability to see their own gain, or belief in their future. Realising, you can do something is half the battle. The other part is doing something about it. I feel the change, or, doing is based on the motivation of an individual. I feel that although people see it – sometimes, change is harder, than, the dream; perhaps the ideology of potential is more about dreaming rather than doing when you feel low. Maybe, when people feel optimistic they feel totally able to see their potential and reach their full potential.

Noun: someone’s or something’s ability to develop,achieve, or succeed – Cambridge Dictionary

I feel that potential is not just based on an individual. It is based on the surroundings and whether or not – change can be achieved. I feel if I am frightened about change then I would never reach my full potential. I would not be where I am today. I feel, when I am worried it is because I am assessing the risk. When I assess risk, I feel I have a tendency to measure the outcome too soon. I feel that yes – this may be a positive thing; it can also be a burden.

Although I would like to throw caution to the wind – I feel at times there are moments when it hinders my full potential. Not everyone has the ability to make changes for themselves and at times if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time – it means the person is not able to reach their full potential.

It would not benefit anyone if I could not try to help others – because assisting others means I have more opportunities around me. I know not everyone is going to get along but we must try to assist so the whole process of change becomes easier and many will reach their full potential – this does reduce risk. I feel it is necessary to reduce risk.

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