A wonderful post from a man’s perspective

I suppose it is not easy to love yourself, or to accept change no matter if you are a man or a woman. I found this post particularly useful to help the unification and understanding that it is okay to have problems; learning to accept them is part of learning to love yourself. Wonderful post!

Learning to Love yourself – http://wp.me/p4pH16-eS

One comment

  1. Thanks for reading and re-blogging. That post was the final in a series of posts based on dialogues I had with a buddy who fought for years with anxiety and depression. He spent many years blaming others for his issues before finally coming to terms with the fact that it was really him, and if he wanted changes they had to start with him.

    I find his story powerful and inspirational, and am glad to have it shared with as many people as possible. Self acceptance can be a difficult thing, but it’s only after we accept ourselves for who we are that we are able to grow and change.

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