A fantastic post on relationships

I read this post and I found it rewarding. Although many of us have barriers – communication ones. Emotional barriers are the most tiresome of all. This blog helps to overcome those barriers.

Emotional Walls – http://wp.me/p4sXoP-Nw


  1. Relationships can frequently end in a train wreck when one individual gives and the other just takes. In any case, don’t fall into the trap of contrasting each and every demonstration of giving and anticipate that it will be countered by an equivalent demonstration from the other individual. Companions in a solid relationship ought to just appreciate giving without expecting something consequently, and that goes both ways.

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    • Completely agree! Relationships are supposed to be mutually beneficial for both. I feel that happiness stems from agreeing or accepting others. I also think that taking a girl out means, sharing a moment between you both. All that pressure can be put on people forcing them to perform and it will not happen.


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