10 Ways To Laugh At Yourself….

This is to help people be happy…..as well as myself 🙂

1. Deactivate the Facebook for a while because you end up having a better time. Then you try to remember your password…. (laugh it off…)

Google voice translate is amazingly funny! In Thai I am sure I was trying to say call you later - Google said

2. Try to learn a new language, through Google Translate. Argue with Google translate voice recorder for a whole minute. Try to remember, what you tried to say…. it repeats back something truly strange. (I actually fell off my exercise bike – “that’s not what I said – it was “call you later”- it repeats back “call night!”)

3. When it is raining – just jump in a puddle. Who cares!

4. Try to get through a day of temper tantrums with a three year old – without having a nap yourself. Impossible not to laugh at.

5. Order a dress online – it comes back the wrong size – promise yourself you will lose weight. Instead of getting upset just laugh because it isn’t the only time you have done it.


6. Try to learn how to braid a fishtail plait and end up doing a Dutch plait instead. When you have mastered the technique, send a message to your friend when you have finally completed that silly goal of fishtail braiding. (I chuckled for days about it!) 

7. At your age – you assemble around a stage at the front and join in the Mosh Pit with 16 year olds. I may have been in pain but I laughed.

8. Dance to music you cannot stand, but, do it so badly that no one will dance with you – EVER AGAIN!!!! ❤❤ This is my favourite, because, 9/10 other people will laugh at you and copy you.

Hours of a pedicure and only a day or two out in the sun. I laugh because the rain has prevented many an outing. 9. Who wants to see my cute freshly painted toes? 

I spent hours on a self – pedicure. It was June and I still wanted to where boots because I had to work. I took a photo of my feet and posted it on instagram…. (drum roll)…. it has rained for weeks since. Have laughed so many times it really has got to be the best one rather than the second to last one.

10. Participate in shouting a random word loudly in the supermarket so everyone stares at you.  Really, this one is great because you could be shouting items from your shopping list, but they still stare!


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