Day Dreaming

Sometimes, I think, I day dream to escape. My mind just switches off from the overload of senses.

Just to shut the world out: Day dreaming is the cure!
Just to shut the world out: Day dreaming is the cure!

I remember being at school and looking out the window when I felt I had not been participating, or, I felt the teacher had not engaged in communication. They were speaking at me rather than to me specifically. So, my mind would wonder.

I would think about a song or a place that I enjoy. Recently, I tried to prevent myself from doing this – I became extremely tired and have been unable to completely focus. So, day dreaming is one of those techniques I used to use when I could not think, or, I did not feel I understood something.

Daydream is nice – it is apart of mindfulness which is so abstract. I can think in my own little world without having people impose their thoughts on mine. However, day dreaming prevents me from having thorough understanding of a subject. I feel my moments are so lovely, it would be nice to be back in touch with reality.

Imagine a nice moment, where you read a book and become totally submerged in the character you end up: day dreaming about being the character. The amazing adventures or even the double meaning or message is found through this moment. It took me years to prevent myself from Day Dreaming – especially during work. Errors would occur.  I would just look at people as though I was in another world – but I was – having amazing adventures or some moment in a novel.

I remember painting and becoming totally submerged and feeling like I had achieved something. It is difficult to describe how – although you see what you are doing – you don’t feel as though you are doing it. I feel this explanation is the best. Especially when so many with Aspergers totally disengage. I would love to know answers if anyone has any. Hopefully you do.

I love to Daydream and leave the crisis or conflict for a moment. Prevent the anxiety from becoming too much. Does anyone else feel the same?


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  4. Daydreams are mini escape portals to sidestep reality. Fill the mind with images of pleasure to make it through a rough day. If the dreaming is not enough, write it down. Turn dreams into stories, create fictional life to buffer harsh reals. How else will I ever be a princess, or travel through time, lol? 🙂

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